International game publisher
for the largest Russian and international platforms

10 mln
60 mln

101XP publishes free-to-play online games. We work together with top development studios to publish games for the largest Russian and international platforms, including VKontakte, Facebook, Google Play, iOS, Odnoklassniki, Mail.ru Games, and Moi Mir. Our applications are translated into 13 languages and lead the charts in both Russia and Europe. We are also the developers of the successful 101XP.com gaming platform.

Our portfolio includes mobile games, browser games, social network games, and the client-based game MStar. Our projects have become some of the most popular games in the online community. Klondike, League of Angels and Demon Slayer are now familiar titles to the vast majority of gamers.

Our team is made up of game-loving professionals. We have both veterans with years of experience in the industry and younger (but clearly very talented) workers new to the industry. The secret to our success? We’ve dedicated our lives to games.

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