19 April 2020
Your people need you

The Union of People's Orange Communes needs you! It’s time to travel to Iron-1 and work for the good of the people and the state.

For the People is an acute social novel with strategic elements, which invites the player to try on the shoes of a state official. Sort out the townspeople's (sometimes quite unusual) appeals for justice, grant or dismiss requests from subject departments, and untangle a web of political intrigue. Allocate the budget to help the workers or build a new hospital? Support the police or finance an exhibit on the achievements of the agricultural industry? Only you decide!

  • Develop a taste for power: play fair or become a corrupt politician;
  • Think strategically: distribute resources among the residents to earn their trust and increase your own influence;  
  • A constant balancing act: any decision made in-game has its consequences!