Demon Slayer 3


The war between good and evil shall never cease. The endless battles shall continue forever. The confrontation is an eternal one. But someday the hero will come, blessed with the sound of the Harp of the Gods. And at that hour, when the last drop of hope for peace has dried up and darkness has saturated the heavens, the voice of the Great Commander will sound forth once more. The voice of the Great Hero. Your voice!

  • Browser game

  • Strategy game

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    Demon Slayer is full of interesting stories, PvE battles, and big boss raids! But, of course, the biggest and most entertaining part of the game is its massive, exciting PvP. You can fight in the city arenas, conquer foreign cities, and even wage fierce battles for the world's gold mines! Create your unique character–warrior, mage, or archer. And that's just the beginning! Improve your skills, learn talents from the two-branched talent tree and the unique astral transformation system, and create items and upgrade them with powerful gems! Fight and conquer, triumph on the battlefield, and seize cities and gold mines!