For the People


For the people  –  is an acute social novel with strategic elements, in which the player takes control of Francis River, the newly appointed mayor of a revolutionary city. It falls to you to make difficult political decisions and forge uneasy alliances. Will the party provide for its people or are the people just cogs in its machine? The choice is yours, comrade!

    For the people! – is an acute social novel with strategic elements, which invites the player to try on the shoes of a state official in the more literary sense of that phrase.
    Congratulations, dear comrade! From now on, you are the head of a small but important industrial center bearing the proud name of Iron-1. Your task will be to manage and rebuild it amidst the formation of a new totalitarian regime, currently faced with the consequences of the recent revolution, such as a deepening social crisis and an utter economic deficit.
    Yet we remain confident that it is young specialists such as yourself, who will lead this county to a stable and prosperous future.
    Glory to the Union of People's Orange Communes! Glory to Comrade Steel!

    Develop a taste for power
    Sort out the townspeople's (sometimes quite unusual) appeals for justice, grant or dismiss requests from subject departments, and untangle a web of political intrigue. Information is your most valuable resource, so do not shy away from obtaining it by any means necessary!

    Always be two steps ahead
    Every district in Iron-1 needs your help and it needs it now, but there is only so much budget to go around... Strategically distribute resources among the residents to earn their trust, increasing your own influence. Fight the local corrupted elements or use your connections to put yourself at the top of the food chain. There is no pleasing everyone, so you will inevitably have to take sides.

    Over 5 possible endings
    Every decision you make has its consequences. Your job is a balancing act between the interests of the party, the future of the country, and the very livelihoods of your townsfolk... So, whose side are you really on, Comrade Mayor?