League of Angels III


The third installment of the iconic angel warrior saga. Elysium is still torn by war. Minions of the dark resurrected the cunning and cruel dragon lord Balerius. His unquenchable lust for power led to the devastation of the angelic lands. The only chance to save the world from utter annihilation is to travel back in time to obtain a divine weapon capable of defeating Balerius.

  • Incredible 3D graphics

  • Available on 101XP.com

  • Iconic browser game


    • Incredible 3D graphics!
    • Advanced customization! Put together a collection of outfits, relics, wings, mounts and create your own unique squad.
    • Specialization flexibility. Swap your unique divine weapons, select skills to use whenever you want and let your hero attack the enemy or heal the squad!
    • Vast locations. Finally, you can explore the entire Elysium and even climb to the top of the Tree of Life!