The Braves


The Braves is an action roguelike game with loads of unique skills, weapons and enemies hordes. They may seem harmless and even friendly at first but these creatures are actually real monsters who only want to tear you apart! 

Choose your heroes, vanquish hordes of enemies, unlock powerful skills, become one with your weapons and prove that you can survive in the most dangerous worlds of multiple universes.

    Tons of various skills combinations!

    • Choose the most effective battle combo that suits your style
    • Thousands of frenzied monsters and bosses! Dodge hordes of enemies to win!
    • Unlock uniquely designed characters and different skills. Customize your battles to suit your style!
    • Collect valuable resources to unlock the upgrades needed to survive and evolve!
    • Lots of unique locations. Explore, conquer, survive and climb higher and higher!
    • Unlock achievements by overcoming the difficulties found in these worlds filled with deadly enemies!
    • Restore your base to open up new opportunities
    • Upgrade your characters and experiment with different play styles
    • Create legendary equipment to overcome what awaits you!