My Summer Adventure


A strange incident turns the life of an ordinary young man upside down when, having fallen asleep on a regular train commute, he wakes up in another country... in a body of a Japanese student! An unforgettable summer adventure awaits, promising many fateful meetings and momentous occasions.  

    My name is Maksim Laas. I'm just a simple guy from Tallinn with a most ordinary life, which has its ups and downs, though admittedly the latter have been somewhat more prevalent lately.

    After breaking up with my ex, the world around me lost its usual colors, and my life quickly grew into a gray, dreary, and inescapable routine. At least that's what I thought...

    Until something unbelievable happened without warning: I dozed off for a second during a commute, then suddenly woke up in another country... in someone else's body!

    Thus began my unforgettable summer adventure...

    My Summer Adventure is a visual novel about love and strings of fates intertwined by a single supernatural event. A foreign young man suddenly finds himself inhabiting the body of a Japanese student and, while searching for answers about how and why this has happened, will have to live as a different person for several days, an experience that shall rewrite not only his fate, but also that of the people around him!
    Genuine feelings and difficult decisions await our hero. Will he leave things as they are or succumb to the memories of home and find a way to return to his old life? Get ready for a conclusion that shall leave no heart untouched!

    Key Features:
    • A story of great love in modern Japan, full of humor and drama
    • Two girls, two hearts, two destinies. Which will you choose?
    • A myriad of detailed backgrounds and anime-style illustrations
    • Ten unique endings
    • A fascinating story with many crucial decisions that can alter the fate of every character!