Craft of Survival


Survive in a savage and merciless realm! Exterminate raiders, predators, and living corpses alike, then complete quests and claim your reward!

Craft of Survival is a free mobile survival game that immerses the player in the world of dark fantasy. Survive in a savage and merciless realm! Undead hordes and ravenous monsters have emerged from the enigmatic Rift and laid a once proud and prosperous Empire to ruins. It falls to you to uncover the dark secrets of the Rift and your own immortality by exploring the mysterious lands of the Shattered Coast.

  • Mobile game

  • Global release

    Become who you want to be:

    - a wise High Elf;

    - a mighty Half-Orc;

    - a cunning Dark Elf;

    - or a versatile Human!

    Choose one of the playable races and go forth to conquer the Shattered Coast!

    Craft of Survival is an Action RPG with a dynamic combat system reminiscent of Diablo and Path of Exile that will provide a fun challenge for gamers of all levels of skill! Perform devastating combos, combine hundreds of various skills, and claim your victory by any means necessary!

    - Hunt a wide bestiary of enemies on dozens of in-game locations!

    - Explore sinister dungeons and fight against special enemy types!

    - Team up with friends against powerful bosses or risk taking them down alone!

    - Come up with your own unique character build and defeat others in the Arena!

    Select your preferred playstyle! Every weapon in the game comes with a spectacular set of skills. 13 unique weapon types and dozens of abilities offer ample opportunities for you to create a truly standout hero!

    Slice your enemies into pieces, snipe them with arrows, or annihilate every foe with powerful spells - all these options are available to you with no restrictions! Only you decide how to go about exploring the universe of Craft of Survival!