Game of Thrones: Winter is coming


Rewrite the history of Westeros in the official browser game based on  the cult HBO series. Build your own castle, train troops, govern your  lands, and raise a gift - a real battle dragon, courtesy of Daenerys  Targaryen - in the new browser strategy title Game of Thrones: Winter  is Coming!

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    • Browser-based strategy. Upgrade your castle, build infrastructure,  recruit and train unique armies to raise their battle power. Plan every  step of your way to glory and power.
    • Your very own dragon! Raise a fearsome beast, bestowed upon you by  the Dragon Mother herself, and use it to gain a sizzling advantage on  the battlefield. Dracarys!
    • Clash of armies! Join your friends for epic-scale PvP army battles. Become the mightiest lord of Westeros!
    • Variety of content. A lord has no time to be bored! Events,  battles, and numerous opportunities to expand your sphere of influence  will occupy all of your time spent in the game's world.