Imagine that a meteor never struck the Earth, the dinosaurs did not go extinct but continued to evolve. Millions of years later, they inhabit high-tech megapolises. One such dino is Chris, a repair shop owner, who dreams of building a Time Machine to travel to the past and find love, because he is the last T-Rex on the planet!

Dynopunk is an ironic adventure set in a cyberpunk world where dinosaurs have taken the place of humans. Run a repair shop, fix gadgets, find a personalized approach to every customer while offering them beverages and having heart-to-heart conversations. At the same time you'll have to sort out your private life and chase your dream.

    Cyberpunk dinosaurs

    The pixel art pays homage to the retro games of 1990-x. Meet a cast of characters from an alternative future where predatory, carnivorous dinosaurs rule the world. Make progress with relaxing lo-fi music playing in the background while making plot-changing decisions

    Fix gadgets

    Elicit relevant information from your clients to find the source of the problem and fix the gadget. Perform your work neatly and carefully—your income depends on it.

    Chat with customers

    Strike up heart-to-heart conversations with customers and offer them a beverage to their liking. A glass of cool fizz or a cup of hot coffee increase your changes of getting tips.

    Follow your dream 

    You play as the last T-Rex on Earth. He tries to build a Time Machine to travel to the past and find love. Will this dream come